Talks That Inspire Soulful
Leadership. That’s What
This World Needs, Baby.

I’m tired of the old leadership paradigm.
How about you?

Pushing. Forcing. Competing.

It doesn’t feel good and honestly, it doesn’t work anymore.

Soulfulness is what moves people. Soulfulness mixed with strength to be clear.

I’m here to talk about that.

The power of tuning into the inner wisdom we all have as our compass in our careers and in our lives.

“I would recommend working with Nina to anyone who is struggling in their work.”
A priceless take away from my work with Nina was how she helped me to completely shift my relationship with my boss from toxic and negative to a relationship that feels easy, enjoyable, and respectful. I show up for myself with more kindness and compassion and because of that, I’m able to do the same with my boss, colleagues and my husband! My growth during my time working with Nina has inspired those closest to me to invest in themselves too. Doing this type of deep work is the gift that keeps on giving!

Surabhi Mendiratta

Software Engineer, Kargo

“Making the decision to work with Nina was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
Prior to working with Nina, I was uncertain about myself and very anxious about my future. I faced each work day with dread through a lens of negativity and lack of self confidence. Nina’s instinctual ability to help her clients dig deep into WHY we feel certain ways, and HOW to overcome limiting beliefs is truly unmatched. Through effective mindfulness practices and a LOT OF SOUL Nina empowers me to eliminate anxiety and be the best version of myself professionally, which has also translated into my happiness in my personal life. Because of my work with Nina, I am better at prioritizing my time, identifying my strengths, and being present so that I am able to truly shine.

Ashley Zahn

Sales Manager, Samsung Ads

“The coaching experience with Nina will not only have a positive impact on your career but you will soon see a ripple effect across all facets of your life.”
Before working with Nina I was struggling with career growth and was feeling really negative in my job. After my first session with Nina I quickly learned how doing this work can create real change right away. During our time together I was able to confidently interview for a new job, land a promotion and a raise, and feel empowered all along the way. I now have the tools to passionately lead others, set healthy boundaries for myself, and manage up with intention. The coaching experience with Nina will not only have a positive impact on your career but you will soon see a ripple effect across all facets of your life. The learnings and practices are applicable to so many pieces of your life and all kinds of relationships.

Jane Messersmith

Media Supervisor, OMG23

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