Bring Your Staff Back
to Life & Boost Your Company’s Bottom
Line, Baby (Yes, even
during a pandemic.)

As a seasoned leader at a Fortune 500 company, you’ve been around the block.

You know how to build stellar teams, to hit ambitious goals, to turn an organization into the #1 performer in the industry.

Most problems, challenges, setbacks? You’ve got a plan, and that plan works. But working during a global pandemic and recession? It has been Brutal, with a capital B.

With the pandemic requiring a MAJOR pivot and office space, teams, and client management moving entirely online (hello, Zoom)…

…you see all of the challenges and breakdowns piling up, and—along with many of your very savvy peers—are often at a loss for how to fix it.

P.S. That sure as hell isn’t for lack of trying.

You’ve been busting your ass to be a next-level motivator, to lead productive meetings, and to experiment with new formats for collaboration, and more.

But when you look at your people—

Key players’ eyes glazing over in their fifth Zoom meeting of the day and the enthusiasm draining right out of their being.

And team members…

  • Complaining about how Zoom is an impossible way to build and maintain a genuine connection with their clients, and almost entirely stopped trying to nurture their relationships
  • Resisting any form of organizational restructuring, practically white knuckling the role they’ve always had and making change harder for everyone
  • Burning out at every turn because there are little-to-no boundaries between work and life, and not speaking up because they’re afraid of losing their jobs

— you know it’s not enough.

These are unprecedented times. How could you know the perfect approach?

But the result of everyone being pandemic-shook is this: the stressed, anxious, unsettled energy has sunk into the core of your company.

Which is having a massive impact on both performance and your bottom line.

You’ve likely woken up at 3:00 am on many occasions wondering…

  • How can I right this ship?
  • How can I reignite that innovation and inspiration in my people?
  • How can I set an example for other companies to follow suit?

The answer is simple: taking
an unconventional approach.

Instead of continuing to work with consultants who slap a bandaid on the issues, you want to find a brilliant mind who will address the root cause of dysfunction.

That root cause?

Every human on your team needs a massive perspective shift. A shift from “I’m a victim” to “I’m the creator of my own experience and I can do hard things.”

We’ve got to revive the fire your team once had on an individual level. Because your people are the engine, they are the heart of your organization.

When they feel their inner mojo come back to life? You better believe the complaining, fear, and fighting is going to stop.

And when people FEEL inspired and excited? You know what happens.

Productivity, collaboration, enthusiasm, and brilliant beyond-belief ideas ARRIVE, and everything transforms for the better.

  • Team meetings
  • Client relationships
  • Sales efforts
  • Industry Leadership

And a whole lot more.

So, how do we make that shift happen for your people?

Bringing in an expert to reignite their spirit and strategize a way forward.


I’m Nina Sasson, a Soulful Career Coach. Yes, soulful. That means instead of only leading with my ego and my brain, I bring a whole lotta instinct and heart to my process.

My specialty is transforming how people function and perform in the workplace.

  1. By freeing them from the confines of the mind—their critical inner dialogue, their limiting beliefs, and the perpetual stories that block collaboration, creativity, and success
  2. By integrating something that is often lacking in a professional setting: SOULFULNESS. That bigger-than-us, integrity-driven, higher-power piece of our humanity that’s way underutilized.
After many years of working in sales for organizations like Rolling Stone Magazine and Vevo, and now consulting for the latter, I’ve brought staff back to life—engaged, present, and performing at the top of their game—using a methodology that integrates tactical strategy and soulful leadership.


Sales performance at Vevo TRIPLED. (Yes, even during the most challenging year of our time). And these results are possible for your organization too.


Case Study #1:

From revenue struggle to reaching 140% of his sales goal.

Jake started Q2 at a loss for how to hit his revenue goals. We identified his blocks, clarified Jake’s truth and how he most authentically connects with clients, and shifted his mindset on how to best build business relationships in this virtual, COVID world. By the end of Q3, he hit 140% of his yearly goal.

The most important thing others should know who are considering working with Nina as a coach and mentor is that you will be challenged in the best way possible.
We get stuck in our ways and before working with Nina I didn’t realize how I was preventing myself from being able to grow and achieve new levels of doing business. Working with Nina helped me question my behaviors and beliefs and helped me shift my focus to what really matters- being myself all the way with clients in-person or virtually and using that to grow business.


Account Executive, Vevo

Case Study #2:

From COVID paralysis to taking focused, productive action.

Sam started a new job during quarantine. She found herself hitting a wall when it came to her job at Vevo. She felt paralyized by the limitations of meeting with new team members and clients online and kept setting unrealistic expectations for herself. By learning to practice mindfulness techniques, she was able to adapt and accept the cards that have been dealt in the moment so that she can confidently play the hand to her advantage.

As a media sales executive, especially in a global pandemic and recession, it’s been hard to “hustle hard” 24-7 in the ways that I’m used to.
That has left me feeling exhausted, unproductive and unfulfilled. Nina helped me to recognize what I truly find fulfilling and the (few) actions I need to take weekly in order to utilize my authentic strengths for success.

Samantha Johnstone

Account Executive, Vevo

Case Study #3:

From “caught in the weeds” to exceeding sales goals.

Helen was completely bogged down by the minutiae of day-to-day tasks and management while she was working to hit a challenging yearly sales goal. She was taking on the responsibilities of her team rather than focusing on the key strategic activities that actually yield the big sales wins. After working together, Helen began to delegate tasks so that she could pour her genius into a strategy to hit her yearly sales goals. After 3 months of working together, she went from stressed and doing too much to clear, focused, passionate, and exceeding her annual sales numbers by the beginning of Q4.

Working with Nina is the best part of my day!
Our time together helps me to pause and move forward in my work with clarity and confidence. I’ve learned to operate my book of business at a higher level by leveraging my team better and refocusing my attention on the activities that garner the big wins. I am finally clear on where to focus my time and energy so that I feel professional fulfillment. Nina is supportive, encouraging and the greatest coach and cheerleader!

Helen Richards

Account Executive, Vevo

These results were only made
possible by the inner work.

Because performance needs to
be motivated from within.

Individuals =
Motivated Teams
Motivated Teams
= Innovation +
Momentum + Energy
Innovation +
Momentum + Energy
= Company Success

Here’s How I
Work My Magic

Step 1: Identify Your Blocks.

Using mindfulness, we shine a light on the inner blocks standing in the way of each individual’s success and joy.

Step 2: Clarify & Embrace Truth.

I help your staff discover what they really want and what fuels their inner fire.

Step 3: Create a New Mindset.

I empower them to shift away from the old stories and limiting beliefs and replace them with positive mantras.

Step 4: Sink into Soulful Communication.

Here I teach them to speak their truth with confidence, strength, and love.

Step 5: Prioritize Wellbeing & Boundaries.

Here we design the self-care practices and activities that elevate their energy and bring them joy.

Step 6: Sustain the Shifts.

We want to create resiliency amongst your people. Here they learn how to truly integrate this new way of being into how they operate every day.

The Magic Happens
Within 90 Days

My 3-month consultancy experience is designed to bring back that inner fire and motivation to your staff and key players.

Success With Soul

A 90-day career coaching partnership designed to shift your staff and key players out of their negative spiral, revive their connection to their ambition, and elevate the way they show up in the workplace

This experience addresses the root issues head on and shows your staff that you are committed to their growth and happiness, specifically…

Creating Space for Your People to Be Fully Heard

Right now, you don’t have the capacity to hear everyone’s woes, nor should you. This allows your people to vent and process recent events in a healthy way, and to make peace with what is so they can move forward.

Empowering Them to See Things Differently

Now that their biggest challenges and complaints have been aired out, it’s time to see their circumstances from an empowered place. How are they getting in their own way? What is the lesson?

Teaching Them to Tactically Navigate Their New Normal

Business as usual? It doesn’t exist anymore. Here we work to embrace what is now so that everyone can learn to thrive, innovate, and self-motivate no matter what ups and downs may come.

Reigniting Their Motivation

Helping them find that inner spark again is only possible once we’ve given them the space to go deep within themselves, answering the hard questions, and seeing a fresh + exciting pathway forward in their role.

“Nina is a sheer talent and inspiration.”
She has helped me take our team to new heights in the coaching of our AE’s, AM’s and ASR’s. Her guidance and mentorship has helped to better our staff as individuals and collectively within our team. She invests in each team member uniquely and I know the Vevo team is better for it. Nina has impacted our team by helping us to be our better and more authentic selves.

Andrea Zapata

Vice President of Sales, Vevo

How It Works

Success With Soul is designed to support all staff, while elevating key players to their next level performance.


A 90-minute workshop to reframe their biggest pain points and tactically step into a new form of leadership. In this talk, we get REALLY real about what’s coming up for them so that they can work through it.

Key Players & Rising
Stars Receive:

The full Success With Soul Curriculum
6 live group training sessions, bi-weekly
3 private mentorship sessions each


As the company leader, you and I have an initial meeting to identify the biggest challenges in your organization
And I deliver a 90-day plan of attack to address them head on leveraging my methodology and process

This is tactical, therapeutic, and an invitation to leverage a revolutionary solution in a corporate setting. One that produces the results you want:

Staff and team leaders that look ALIVE, are HEALTHY, and DELIVER—focused, clear-headed, and inspired
Innovative ideas and creativity emerging for every challenge and collaborative need in this new normal
Client relationships booming and sales skyrocketing because you’ve got rockstars in your corner
You as the leader who trusted their instincts, shaped a new strategy, and elevated the company’s position in the market

Feeling This Approach?


Take a quick sec to fill out this intake form so that I can learn more about you and your organization, and if it’s aligned, we’ll schedule a time to chat.

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