My Approach

Feeling Happy at Work?

85% of Americans are disengaged at work, a.k.a. where they spend a third— a THIRD—of their life.*
Do you fall in that category? Yes? Then, Honey, we gotta change that ASAP.

Because you deserve…

  • to feel lit up, on fire, and thriving in your place of business. Not surviving the day.
  • to feel capable of handling any setback, any challenging conversation, anything without falling back into a defensive default-mode
  • to speak up with authenticity and make moves in the direction of your dreams with confidence

The secret sauce to feeling like that^^?
To have a chat with your inner being—your soul.

Because we need to get clear on a few things first.

  • What do you really want?
  • What do you really need?
  • What do you stand for?
  • Why are you here?
  • How are you getting in your own way?
By peeling back the layers of frustration and friction, we can get to the juicy truth underneath—the source of your discomfort and discontent.
And when you know the truth, you have the power to change anything.
You can transform that toxic relationship with your boss.
You can free yourself from client and colleague drama.
You can become a natural source of positivity—I’m serious.
Who you are at work and how you choose to respond is an inside job.
When you feel like a boss in your being, you’ll be a boss in every area of your life—especially your career. But if you feel like a loser, then you’ll manifest the situations that reinforce that belief.
So—how can drop the negative thoughts and beliefs that perpetuate what you don’t want? How can you shift your inner world and start leading with soul?

Oh, I’m so happy you asked.

My Success with Soul Method was
designed to liberate you. Here’s a peek

Step 1: Identifying Your Blocks.

Using mindfulness, we shine a light on the inner blocks standing in the way of your success and joy.

Step 2: Clarifying & Embracing Your Truth.

Discover what you really want and what fuels your inner fire. It’s the only way to find the fulfillment you desire.

Step 3: Creating a New Mindset.

Shift away from the old stories and limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering mantras of positivity.

Step 4: Sinking into Soulful Communication.

Yes, Honey. Learn to speak your truth with confidence, strength, and love.

Step 5: Practicing Fun.

Discover the perfect-for-you self-care practices and activities that elevate your energy and bring you joy.

Step 6: Remembering to Remember.

Learn how to truly integrate this new way of being into your being.


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*What’s the Source for This? Gallap’s “State of the Global Workplace”